Course Substitutions

All students must be qualified to participate in any program of academic study with or without reasonable accommodations. Therefore, students with disabilities are not excused from course prerequisites, GPA requirements, or degree requirements.

However, in some limited circumstances it may be appropriate for a substitution, not a waiver, of a course. A course substitution is only made when it is clear that the student's condition makes completion of the requirement impossible and that such an accommodation does not alter the integrity of the academic program.

Consideration of a substitution is done on a case-by-case basis, and the final decision rests with the dean of the student's college. Evidence of a disabling condition affecting the skills needed for the required course must be provided to the DRC, along with a personal statement from the student about the need for substitution.

Your Accommodation Coordinator will work with the deans of the academic colleges to consider the substitution. Other reasonable accommodation must be considered before a substitution is approved.