Lockers and Kitchen

General Use Lockers

Lockers are available free of charge to UIC students in the following Lecture Centers: Burnham Hall, Addams Hall, Taft Hall, Stevenson Hall, and Henry Hall. To register, students will need to visit the SCE Building Management office, located on the 1st floor of Student Center East, Monday –Friday from 8:30am –5:00pm.

Locker rentals registration begins on the 1st day of class during the Fall, Spring and the 4-week Summer semesters. Please have a key padlock and your I-card ready before coming to register.

For further information, please contact the Building Management office at (312) 413-5100.

Commuter Lockers

Weekly and semester lockers are available to reserve for commuters. Lockers are distribute at the start of each fall and spring semester. More details on lockers are available on the Commuter Student Resource Center.


The Commuter Student Resource Center is equipped with a kitchen that features microwaves, a sink, a public refrigerator and public freezer. This is a great space to store your lunch or other items that may need refrigeration.