Personal Care Attendants

During their enrollment at the University, a student may need a Personal Care Attendant or Assistant (PCA) to address their personal needs, such as transfer from a car/van to a wheelchair; escort to or from the classroom; administering medication; and using toilet, feeding or dressing needs. UIC does not provide or fund PCAs as an accommodation.

It is the responsibility of the student to hire a PCA and secure funding for these services. UIC will not provide PCAs on a temporary or interim basis while the student secures a personal care attendant. Solicitations for PCAs may be posted at the DRC but the DRC does not participate in the PCA interviewing or hiring process.

Students with disabilities who wish to have a PCA on campus must register with the DRC. The DRC can assist with accommodating access for a student's PCA in Campus Housing, in academic settings, or for other University services (i.e. bus or Paratransit, library, dining halls, etc.).

Students who are seeking a PCA may wish to register with the Illinois Department of Human Services, Home Services Program. Individuals who are eligible to receive assistance from the agency may be able to receive assistance with household tasks, personal care and, with permission of a doctor, and certain health care procedures. For additional information, please visit the Illinois Department of Human Services and the Home Services Program.