Alternate Formats

Document Conversion of Printed Materials

Document Conversion is the process of making information available in an accessible format for individuals with visual and other print-related disabilities. This service is available through the Disability Resource Center (DRC) at no cost to students at UIC.

How do I obtain Document Conversion Services at UIC?
You need to complete a few procedures before you receive Document Conversion Services. First, you must schedule a meeting with the Disability Specialist to determine the most appropriate accommodations for your documented disability.

You must supply the following material to the Disability Resource Center:

The course syllabi for each class for which you request Document Conversion Services.
A copy of all materials (i.e. books, course packets, in class handouts) that need to be converted into alternative format. These materials will be returned to you at the end of each semester (Fall/Spring/Summer), after all document conversion services have been completed.
A few important things to keep in mind when requesting Document Conversion Services:
Normal turn-around time for this service is from 7-10 business days from the date received by the DRC. Course materials will be converted according to class syllabi.

Materials for conversion must be provided to our office in a timely manner. The DRC is not responsible for converting materials that are due on or before the week of receiving materials. Course materials due prior to DRC receipt will be worked on toward the end of the semester or as time allows.

Materials must be picked up no later than two weeks after each semester. Those materials not picked up will be donated or destroyed. The DRC is not responsible for materials not claimed after the above stated time.

Students who receive equipment and other material on loan from the DRC must return these at the end of each semester.

If you have any questions or comments about Document Conversion Procedures, you can contact the Information Access Consultant by email at or by phone at 312-413-2183