Important DRC Updates for Fall 2018

Clarification on Letter of Accommodation Process for Fall 2018
Students must share their LOAs with professors through email or in person. It is important to engage in discussion with your professors about the logistics of implementing each individual accommodation in each unique class setting. The same accommodation may be implemented differently depending upon what is reasonable for that class. LOAs will not be automatically sent to professors from the DRC.
Dear DRC Students,
Welcome to the new school year! We are happy to share some new and exciting changes at the Disability Resource Center (DRC)! Currently, Danielle Earls is serving as the Interim Director reporting to me in the Office for Access and Equity (OAE).  Since February 2018 we have been reviewing how to improve and make our services more efficient for registered DRC students. This message is intended to give a brief overview and re-introduce you to the current DRC staff:
Danielle Earls, Interim Director
April Maman, Senior Student Disability Specialist
Erin Broskowski, Student Disability Specialist
Kevin Price, Adaptive Technology Specialist
Laura Landers, Test and Document Specialist
Going forward, Letters of Accommodation (LOA) will not need to be renewed each semester. In the coming weeks, you will be receiving a renewed LOA without an end date. As in the past semesters, you will provide your LOA to your professors at the beginning of the semester as you attend class. If you are a health science student, please contact Erin directly this year as she will be the main point of contact for this community of students. 
The DRC has transitioned to a new database system called Accommodate. This fall we will be rolling out a student interface that will give you immediate access to your LOA and an appointment calendar for scheduling appointments on line with the staff.   Stay tuned for updates on accessing Accommodate!
The DRC is committed to helping you succeed while ensuring immediate assessment and support in the academic environment.
If you have any questions, please contact us at or (312) 413-2183 and be sure to check out our updated website at
We wish you all the best as the Fall semester approaches and we look forward to working with each one of you! 
Caryn A. Bills
Associate Chancellor
Office for Access and Equity
Danielle Earls
Assistant Director
Office for Access and Equity