Exam Proctoring Guidelines For Students

Review the important information below for scheduling and taking exams at the Disability Resource Center.

Requesting and Scheduling Exams

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It is the student’s responsibility to request approval from their instructor to take an exam or quiz at the Disability Resource Center.

  • Exams and quizzes must be scheduled at least three business days prior to the requested testing date.
  • Testing is conducted Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, with start times scheduled at the top of each hour.
  • In rare cases, exceptions to these time frames may be discussed with a Disability Specialists or Testing Coordinator.

To schedule an exam or quiz, students need to submit the Student Exam Scheduling Form at the DRC home page. Students may submit a single scheduling request that includes multiple exam dates for the same class, if desired.

Complete Exam Scheduling Directions are now available with the following documentHow to Schedule an Exam at the DRC.   This document shows step by step directions on how to schedule your exam in the Accommodate system.

Please keep in mind that the DRC has limited space for testing. Thus, it is in the student’s best interest that requests are submitted under the above guidelines to ensure that the DRC can honor a reservation as requested.

After obtaining the instructor’s approval and submitting an exam scheduling request, it is the student’s responsibility to request that the instructor complete and submit the Exam Proctoring Form via the DRC home page before the date of each scheduled exam. In addition, instructors must send exams/quizzes to


If a student is more than ten minutes late, the reservation may be forfeited. The student will not be allowed to take the exam or quiz if sufficient space or time is no longer available.

If a student is more than thirty minutes late for a reservation, the instructor will be contacted to determine whether the student is still allowed to take the exam or quiz.

Repeated no shows may result in students no longer being allowed to test at the DRC.

Academic Dishonesty

Test security is very important at the DRC. Any unauthorized use of technology or devices constitutes cheating. If a student is caught cheating, DRC staff will take all notes, papers, and testing materials from the student. The staff will contact the instructor to determine if the exam can be continued. If the instructor cannot be reached, the student will be allowed to continue the exam without the use of notes. The instructor will be emailed about the situation and it will be their decision regarding the final outcome of the exam. Possible consequences of being caught cheating on an exam are: failure of the examination or quiz and/or referral to the Student Conduct Process. All notes, papers, and unauthorized items will be collected and sent to the instructor along with the testing materials.