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Notetaker Box Instructions

Step 1:

Create a University of Illinois Box account

The Box account has to be a University of Illinois Box account and that can be created by going to: and clicking on Create a University of Illinois Box Account.  If you know that you have a UIC Box account and not another type of Box account, you can skip this step.  You will need to login with your netid and password to create this account.
If you are having any problems check out this site: How do I create a University Box account?
ACCC can also help with technical assistance by calling 312-413-0003 or emailing

Step 2:

Login to Box

You can login to Box by going and by clicking on Log in to University of Illinois Box.  You can also login by going to
You will need to login on the next screen with your netid and password to get to the Box folders.
Once you are in Box and see the Box folders, you will be able to see folders for courses.

Step 3:

Select/Click on Folder for appropriate course.

You will need to choose by clicking on the folder for the course you completed notes. An example of this would be Biology 101, Section 3, Fall 2019. If you don’t see the course, please contact the DRC by emailing or calling the DRC at 312-413-2183.

Step 4:

Upload the Notes Taken

In the top right hand corner of the Box screen there is a black button that you can click on and a drop down box will say File and underneath Folder.  Click on/Select File.   A standard Open file dialogue box will appear where you can choose the notetaking file you created.  Make sure the notetaking file is descriptive of the course you are uploading such as “Bio 101-Section3-Week1.docx” for example.    It is best to use Microsoft Word to create your notes.   Once you choose the file, click Open to upload the file to the appropriate Box folder.  The student needing the notes will now be able to get your notes confidentially without knowing that you took those notes.

Step 5:


You can confidently logout knowing the note taking file is now in the appropriate directory.  You can logout by navigating to the top right hand of the Box screen and clicking on your initials.  A drop down box will have Logout at the bottom of the menu to click/select to exit the Box system.

If you have any problems with this process you can also contact the DRC by phone at 312-413-2183 or email  We can setup an appointment to go through the process.

Thank you for being a Notetaker!