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Reasonable Accommodations

What Are Reasonable Accommodations?

Sometimes the design of a physical space, digital space, assignment, test, or other element of the UIC experience will create barriers for students with disabilities that prevent them from getting equal access. Since equal access to the college is a guarantee under the law, these students have the right to reasonable accommodations, which remove barriers to their access. Accommodations do not provide an advantage or a "leg up" to students -- they are designed to even the playing field.

Ex) A student who is a wheelchair user may encounter physical access barriers if they are placed in a dorm that doesn't have convenient elevator access. A reasonable accommodation might be to ensure their placement in a fully wheelchair accessible room.

Ex) A student who has ADHD may may encounter barriers when taking a test in a crowded room with many other students moving and making noise. A reasonable accommodation might be for the student to test in a distraction reduced testing environment.

Students must disclose disability status and register with the DRC in order to receive accommodations. Accommodations are decided on an individual basis, and may change over time depending on the student's situation and their course of study.

For more information on registering with the DRC, check out our Registration Page.

For more information on Student Rights and Responsibilities, check out our Rights and Responsibilities Page.

Select the name of an accommodation for more detailed explanations and guidance.