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When You Receive an LOA…

Quick Overview Of DRC Basics For Instructors (PDF)

Take a look at the instructions and resources below to assist with implementation of accommodations if a student provides you with a Letter of Accommodation (LOA):

  1. Review the listed accommodations. Use the DRC Accommodations Guide for reference if you have questions; always feel free to contact the Disability Services Specialist listed on the top of the letter via phone or email if you have specific questions.
  2. Set a time to meet with the student privately via phone, email, video chat, or in person to determine which accommodations the student will need for your course and how you will implement them. Focus on the accommodations, not on the student's diagnosis.
  3. Record these expectations in writing. Feel free to use this LOA Memo Template (courtesy of Prof. Kessler in the ENG department!) and adjust based on your expectations and agreements with the student.
  4. Contact the student’s Disability Services Specialist or immediately if you have questions or concerns. The DRC is always available to help facilitate conversations around implementation.

Please note: some accommodations serve as more of an "FYI" and require no action on the instructor's part (e.g. student will be using assistive technology). Others may require planning with the student based on the nature of the specific course (e.g. flexibility with deadlines). Others will require coordination with the Disability Resource Center (e.g. having exams proctored by the DRC).