How To Schedule Accommodated Tests With DRC

Process Overview

What to expect when scheduling in person tests:

Agree on the test time and date with your instructor.

Keep these things in mind when choosing a time and date:

  • The DRC Opens at 9 AM and all tests must be completed by 4:30 PM, including extended time
  • Do not schedule such that you will miss other classes

Schedule your seat at least 72 hours before your test date (five days in advance for finals)

Refer to the guides below for step-by-step instructions on scheduling. Remember, the system will not allow you to schedule less than 72 hours before the test time, down to the minute.

  • Ex) If you have a test at 2 PM on Friday, the latest you can log in and schedule that test is 1:59 PM on Tuesday.

The DRC will approve your test date.

You and your instructor will receive a confirmation email.

Your instructor will submit a copy of the test and the Exam Proctoring Form to the DRC.

You do not have to complete this form, but it is a good idea to remind your instructor.

Come to the DRC (SSB 1070) at the scheduled time and we will proctor your test!

It’s a good idea to arrive a little early. Remember that for Fall 21 students will be required to show their UIC Daily Pass.

Students will be provided with sanitizing wipes to clean their stations as they leave the testing area.

DRC will make all efforts to keep in person testers as socially distanced as possible; during peak times students may be seated at adjacent testing stations.

Refer to our Safety Protocols for more details.

DRC will return your exam to your instructor for grading.

Great work!

Step-By-Step Instructions to Schedule A Test (Image and Text)

Step-By-Step Instructions to Schedule A Test (Detailed, Text Only)

1. Visit and select the “Schedule A Test (Student)” link

2. Select “Student” and log in with UIC NetID and Password

3. Click on ‘Accommodation’ located on the left side of the screen. Sub-categories will appear. Choose “Accessibility Request”

4. Click “Schedule Alternative Test”

5. Fill out the date range filter for the day that you would like to take the exam. Scroll down the page and select “Check Availability.”

6a. Scroll through and look for the time that you need to begin your exam

  • Remember, testing at the DRC begins at 9:00 am and all testing must conclude by 4:30 pm. Please keep this in mind when scheduling, including extended time.

6b. Click on the name of the desired room.

  • Rooms that are full at that time will not appear in this list

7. Fill out the following information

  • Course Name and Number
  • Length (Including extended time)
  • Professor FIRST and LAST Name
  • Professor Email Address
  • Teaching Assistant (if applicable)
  • TA Email (if applicable)
  • Technology requested for exam
  • Any other note.

8. Click Submit.