DRC Referral Materials

In order to receive accommodations through the DRC, students must first disclose disability and request services from the DRC. Faculty and staff play a crucial role in the DRC process by making appropriate referrals and connecting students with the DRC. Below are some "Dos and Don'ts" for making appropriate referrals, as well as materials to incorporate into your practices.


  • Make a general announcement about the DRC to normalize service during Orientation or the first week of class
  • Emphasize the importance of seeking help if you need it
  • Refer students who disclose disability status to the DRC (they can call, email, or stop by)
  • Respect confidentiality – even if the student seems to be open to public conversation
  • Use questions that open the door for student disclosure, such as:
    • Has this kind of assignment always been difficult for you?
    • I noticed you ran out of time -- does that happen a lot?
    • Have there been any supports or resources in the past that were particularly helpful for you?
    • It sounds like you're dealing with a lot right now. Are you talking to anyone about it?


  • Make assumptions about disability status
  • Ask for or collect medical documentation
  • Make up accommodations with students outside DRC process
  • Make judgmental comments:
    • “Are you sure you want to pursue such a difficult career path?”
    • “You don’t look disabled.”
  • Praise or valorize students for not making use of an disability accommodation

Materials (click the following links to download)

DRC Syllabus Statement and Announcement (incorporate this statement into your course syllabus, and use this announcement as a guide for the first week of class)

DRC PowerPoint Slide (to include in first week presentations)

DRC Flier (for use at any point in Orientations or for referrals)