New to DRC?


In order to request accommodations from the University of Illinois at Chicago Disability Resource Center (DRC), complete ALL three steps below:

1. Please complete the online Student Registration Form.   It will take a few minutes to complete.  You will need your 9 digit UIN. This form will not be reviewed until you call the office to schedule an intake appointment.

2. Call the DRC at (312) 413-2183 to schedule an intake appointment.  The intake meeting with a Disability Specialist will give you an opportunity to discuss your disability-related needs.  These meetings typically last 30-60 minutes.

  • Online appointment scheduling is unavailable at this time; if calling in presents a barrier, students may call 711 for relay service.

3. Gather your medical documentation.  Documentation is necessary to register with the DRC and receive disability-related accommodations.

The requirements for the documentation includes

  • Current (within the last five years) disability diagnosis from a licensed clinical professional familiar with your history;
  • Explanation of how the disability limits the participation in courses, programs, services, or activities at the University; and
  • Recommendation of accommodation(s).

Alternatively, you may have a licensed clinical professional complete the DRC’s Disability Verification Form.

If you need assistance getting your condition documented, check out our Information About Evaluation and Assessment page, and/or contact us directly for more information.

We look forward to meeting you here at the Disability Resource Center!