New to DRC?


Please note: healthcare providers who conduct diagnostic testing may be working on a limited schedule or with limited services during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are looking to receive services through the Disability Resource Center, we want to work to support you during this time. Please contact the DRC at (312) 413-2183 to schedule an appointment, as provisional accommodations may be available as you gather new documentation.

In order to request accommodations from the University of Illinois at Chicago Disability Resource Center (DRC), complete ALL three steps below:

1. Please complete the online Student Registration Form.   It will take a few minutes to complete.  You will need your 9 digit UIN. This form will not be reviewed until you call the office to schedule an intake appointment.

2. Call the DRC at (312) 413-2183 to schedule an intake appointment.  The intake meeting with a Disability Specialist will give you an opportunity to discuss your disability-related needs.  These meetings typically last 30-60 minutes.

  • Online appointment scheduling is unavailable at this time; if calling in presents a barrier, students may call 711 for relay service.

3. Gather your medical documentation.  Documentation is necessary to register with the DRC and receive disability-related accommodations.

The requirements for the documentation includes

  • Current (within the last five years) disability diagnosis from a licensed clinical professional familiar with your history;
  • Explanation of how the disability limits the participation in courses, programs, services, or activities at the University; and
  • Recommendation of accommodation(s).

Alternatively, you may have a licensed clinical professional complete the DRC’s Disability Verification Form.

To upload your medical documentation, you may:

  • Use our secure upload link when completing the Student Registration Form in Step 1
  • Use our Protected Health Information (PHI) link by clicking here

If you need assistance getting your condition documented, check out our Information About Evaluation and Assessment page, and/or contact us directly for more information.

We look forward to meeting you here at the Disability Resource Center!