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Mobility and Physical Access

UIC is committed to providing accessible physical spaces for all students with disabilities. Please take a look at the access and accommodation information below for students with permanent or temporary disabilities that impact their mobility.

Campus Maps

The campus maps below denote the location of wheelchair accessible building entrances and designated parking spots for those with disabled placards or plates.

A map of single-stall, all-gender bathrooms can be found on the UIC Campus Map by choosing “Health and Safety,” then “All Gender Restrooms” on the lefthand navigation menu.


Parking spaces designed for the use by persons with disabilities are available in card access lots and visitor lots on campus. Students who plan to pay for parking and require an assignment to a specific lot for access reasons should first register with the DRC. Upon registration, the DRC will provide notice to UIC Campus Parking Services. Due to limitations in parking availability, UIC Campus Parking Services makes the final determination as to the parking lot assignments. For more information on parking, call UIC Campus Parking Services at (312) 413-5800, (312) 413-9020, or (312) 413-5850.

Paratransit Services

In addition to fixed route Intercampus bus routes, which are wheelchair accessible, point to point van service is available on campus as an accommodation through UIC Transportation Services’ Paratransit service. On-campus Paratransit Service is available seven days a week for students, faculty and staff with disabilities. Students who require this service should contact the DRC to become approved riders.

Requests for rides can be scheduled on a weekly or ad-hoc basis. Scheduled rides take precedence over additional (non-regularly scheduled) ride requests. Transportation Services will make every attempt to accommodate additional ride requests made by authorized Paratransit Service users. However, the provision of additional rides is contingent upon driver and vehicle availability.

For more information contact the Paratransit service at

To schedule non-recurring rides, contact the numbers below.

  • For Paratransit Service between the hours of 7:00 A.M. and 11:00 P.M, please call Transportation Services at (312) 996-2842.
  • For Paratransit Service between the hours of 11:00 P.M. and 7:00 A.M., Please call the Red Car Service at (312) 996-6800.
  • For Paratransit Service on Saturdays and/or Sundays: Requests must be made by 5:00 P.M. the Thursday prior.

Classroom Access: Classroom Layouts, Classroom Relocation, and Accessible Furniture Heading link

Classroom Layouts
Layouts and seating of classrooms on campus varies greatly from building to building. The Office of Campus Learning Environments provides images of general-use classrooms throughout the campus. Select a building and a classroom to see the layout and style of the classroom.

Classroom Relocation 

The DRC will work with the UIC Office of the Registrar to relocate classrooms when necessary. Ideally, requests for classroom relocation should be submitted two weeks before the start of the semester to avoid disruptions. Students who believe they may need a classroom relocated should contact their Disability Services Specialist to start the process.

Accessible Furniture

The DRC can also assist with the provision or removal of furniture to accommodate student needs. Any requests for different furniture or for furniture to be moved can be sent to the student’s Disability Services Specialist. Please include detailed information about furniture and arrangement needs.

Lockers and Public Kitchen Heading link

The following amenities are available for all UIC students, and do not require accommodation through the DRC:

General Lockers

Lockers are available free of charge to UIC students in the following Lecture Centers: Burnham Hall, Addams Hall, Taft Hall, Stevenson Hall, and Henry Hall. To register, students will need to visit the SCE Building Management office, located on the 1st floor of Student Center East, Monday –Friday from 8:30am –5:00pm.

Locker rentals registration begins on the 1st day of class during the Fall, Spring and the 4-week Summer semesters. Please have a key padlock and your I-card ready before coming to register.

For further information, please contact the Building Management office at (312) 413-5100.

Commuter Lockers

Weekly and semester lockers are available to reserve for commuters. Lockers are distribute at the start of each fall and spring semester. More details on lockers are available on the Commuter Student Resource Center.

Public Kitchen

The Commuter Student Resource Center is equipped with a kitchen that features microwaves, a sink, a public refrigerator and public freezer. This is a great space to store your lunch or other items that may need refrigeration.

Reporting Access Issues Heading link

UIC is committed to maintaining a barrier-free environment so that individuals with disabilities can fully access programs, services, and all activities at the University.

Accessibility issues or concerns related to the University can be submitted electronically by students, staff, faculty, and members of the public via the Online Reporting Form. This form is not for accommodation requests.