Accessibility Maps and Parking Requests

Parking spaces designed for the use by persons with disabilities are available in card access lots and visitor lots on campus. Students seeking an assignment to a specific lot as an accommodation must first register with the DRC. Upon registration, the DRC will provide notice to UIC Campus Parking Services. Due to limitations in parking availability, UIC Campus Parking Services makes the final determination as to the parking lot assignments. For more information on parking, call UIC Campus Parking Services at (312) 413-5800, (312) 413-9020, or (312) 413-5850.

Classroom Layouts
The Office of Campus Learning Environments provides images of general-use classrooms throughout the campus. Select a building and a classroom to see the layout and style of the classroom.

Classroom Relocation and Furniture
The DRC ensures that students with disabilities have complete access to their classes.

The DRC will work with the UIC Office of the Registrar to relocate classrooms when necessary. Ideally, requests for classroom relocation should be submitted two weeks before the start of the semester to avoid disruptions. Students who wish to request a classroom relocation can submit their requests via the Classroom Relocation Form.

The DRC can also assist with the provision or removal of furniture to accommodate student needs. Any requests for different furniture or for furniture to be moved can be sent to Please include detailed information about furniture and arrangement needs.

Online Reporting of Accessibility Issues
UIC is committed to maintaining a barrier-free environment so that individuals with disabilities can fully access programs, services, and all activities at the University.

Accessibility issues or concerns related to the University can be submitted electronically via the Online Reporting Form. This form is not for accommodation requests.