Welcome to the Disability Resource Center and the 2017 Summer Sessions!

Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change (CCUSC)

UIC Office of Diversity

Confidential Student Registration Form Available

If you want to register for services at the Disability Resource Center, first call and schedule an intake appointment (312-413-2183). Second, fill out this confidential online form in preparation for your meeting with your Disability Specialist. You will need your UIC Net ID and password to fill out this online form.

Online Letter of Accommodation (LOA) Renewal Form

An online Letter of Accommodations (LOA) Renewal Form is available for students.  You can ONLY submit this Renewal Form online if you are already registered at the Disability Resource Center.  If you are requesting an LOA for the first time or if you need to make any changes to your accommodations, please schedule a meeting with your Disability Specialist.  This form has been redesigned.  You will need to login with your netid and password to access the form.  Also there are new options available if you want the LOA sent to you electronically or if you want the DRC to send the LOA directly to the professor.

Nondiscrimination Statement

UIC Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Persons with Disabilities (CCSPD)