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Modified Absence Policy Planning Form

This form is intended as a guide and a means for documenting discussion around implementation of a student's Attendance/Absence accommodations. For more information on this accommodation, please review the DRC's page on Attendance/Absence Accommodations, or contact the student's Disability Services Specialist.

Modified Attendance Policy Planning Form Heading link

  • Course and Contact Information

  • A copy of this form will be sent to this email address for your records.
  • A copy of this form will be sent to this email address for your records.
  • The DSS name can be found at the top of the Letter of Accommodation. A copy of this form will be sent to the student's DSS, and the DSS is available at any time to help facilitate implementation of this plan.
  • In-Class Participation

    The optional questions in this section are designed to help determine whether and to what extent in-class participation is an essential element of this course.
  • Modified Attendance Plan

    After discussing the requirements of the class, student and instructor agree to the following modified attendance plan. Should the student or the instructor need further guidance and any point in the creation or implementation of this plan, please contact the student's Disability Services Specialist.
  • This number should reflect the maximum number of classes the student can miss before fundamentally altering essential course requirements/expectations/outcomes, and may be expressed as a percentage of class meetings, or a number of class meetings.
  • Note: At no time are students required to present documentation to instructors in order to justify a disability-related absence.
  • Options might include attending another lecture/lab session, attending office hours, or obtaining notes from a classmate.
  • Generally, long term assignments that were assigned prior to absence may still be collected electronically during an absence, but short term assignments may require short deadline extension.